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Why “Me Time”???

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Why “Me Time”?

A good question, one might ask…

As I have gone through life, I have learned a lot of different things, and am still on the learning path. While going through my adventurous journey, the idea of “Me Time” has come up so many times.

When I finally figured out how important “Me Time” is to function, I decided I needed to share with others.

That’s how Finally… Me Time was born.

It’s pretty easy to say “Oh, I’ll do that later once [insert your favorite excuse here].”

What happens though, is we (especially women) get so caught up in everyday life, and that later never comes.

All of a sudden, we’re running on empty, unhealthy, and unhappy.

We wonder what happened, but because we’ve never made “Me Time”, have little experience looking at the big picture.

For me, I used to pack so much into every day – spouse, kids, work, household, friends, extended family… wow, I get tired just thinking about it!

Then I would crash…

My mind would say slow down (I wasn’t a very good listener)…

My body would then get physically sick

I would kind of take a day or two off, then it was “back at the races” for me…

I worked for a great company but didn’t love what I was doing.

My sick days became more and more frequent.

Then I moved across the country and had a tough time getting back into the swing of working.

My energy was nearly depleted.

Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

I was told I was fine, just lose 20 pounds (!) and come back and see them. Weight was piling up, I was unhappy, and crying nearly every day, but didn’t exactly know why.

But everything’s fine, right???

In the meantime, my finances were also following suit. My bank account was nearly depleted, debts were piling up, and I wasn’t seeing a clear way out.

Here Comes the Change, Gang

enjoy the little things
Take notes. Literally. What do you enjoy?

I had to make a choice – and that choice was to change.

I had to find out who “me” was again.

See, in all that, I had kinda lost myself.

I was trying to please too many other people and didn’t include the most important one – ME.

I started taking a little time doing little things I used to love:

  • Reading inspirational & fictional books
  • Making a date with just me to go get coffee
  • Spending time in nature – at a lake, beach, mountains, or even just a duck pond
  • Listening to MY music, not anybody else’s playlists

They were simple changes…

Some of them I was able to do during my lunch break, for a few minutes after work, or after everyone else had gone to bed.

Once I started creating my own time, I craved it and ended up making more of it.

  • I would run errands by myself so I could listen to my music or audiobooks.
  • Then I found ways I could work from home and have some “Me Time” during the day while the house was quiet.

I learned to create my schedule instead of LIFE telling me what my schedule consisted of.

So How Did That Work For Me?

With those slight changes, I started liking myself more. I even started LOVING myself.

Whoa. I didn’t expect that.

Loving myself? Meh.

But yep, it’s actually an important part of the changes I made.

I found I was also grateful for the small bits of “Me Time” I had.

Then I started being grateful for other things (like for my family not throwing me out the window when I was not at my best).

My energy started coming back, and I was able to feel functional again. And I was even able to start a budget and work to get my finances back on track.

Really??? All of this because of some measly “Me Time”?

You bet.

Yeah, it took work in other areas as well, but that’s where it all started.

I now love “Me Time” and schedule it regularly. I can recognize when I have pushed myself too much and just need to take a break.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of money. Just some respect for myself – and now, since you’ve been made aware of it, some respect for yourself as well.

One of the biggest things for me to overcome was judging myself.

I thought if I took time away from everybody else, my whole world would crumble around me.

It didn’t, that was just my skewed perception.

I thought I was so important to everyone.

I am, but I later found out the important part comes from taking care of me first, loving and respecting me first, then others – not the other way around.

Learning to love myself has allowed me to be a better person for those around me.

  • It allows me to be a better listener to others because I have learned how to listen to myself.
  • It allows me to love others (faults and all) because I know how to love me (and let me tell you, I am no perfectionist!).

And guess what?

Now I have plenty of love and energy left to teach others as well.

…What’s Next?

I’m creating a change. I’m ready to teach others, especially YOU.

I will do my best to focus on keeping things simple rather than making it more stressful.

I would love to be part of your solution in this journey called life.

Are you on board with me?

Big hugs and lots of love, Leslie

I love you!
Big hugs and lots of love, Leslie


  • John

    I have Me Time when my son is at school and the house is empty. When the weather is warm, I spend time in the garage or yard to get away from the house. I will put things on my daily work list that I want to do when not one else is here. I do things like, play the music I want to hear and tinker on things that make me happy.
    You are right that if you do not make me time, you will soon start to get depressed. I think it energizes the rest of my day when I get me time in the garage with my tools and a project.

    • Leslie

      Thanks for sharing, John. My husband loves to tinker on things as well, keeps his creativity up and depression down.


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