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Novelty Socks & Happiness?

autumn leaves
Change is in the air…

Ah, change is in the air…

As I write this, it’s autumn in Oregon.

I love autumn.


Crisp nights…

Colors of the leaves…


Warm coffee (not PSL’s though – they are so overrated)…

And socks.

Why socks? Because they are amazing.

Not your boring, old, dingy, white socks.

But fun, vibrant, happy, novelty socks. Or fuzzy socks. Either way, they bring about warm fuzzies. It’s the simple things in life, right?

Here’s a quick little story about socks…

A few years ago, my then fiancé (now husband), Jerry, and I lived in Southern California. We were visiting my mom in Oregon for Christmas with his kids as well. The kids were all teenagers, she didn’t know what to get as gifts for them, and was on a pretty limited budget. So were we. The Christmas trip was pretty much the extent of our funds for us that year.

Anyway, Mom has always loved fun socks, but I never really thought anything of it.

She decided to share those fun socks with us. Wait, not exactly. She decided to share her LOVE of fun socks with us.

She bought a bunch of novelty socks, fuzzy socks, and bright colorful socks.

We played a game where we could open our wrapped gift (of course they were all socks!), or choose to steal someone else’s.

I think some of them included starry night, music notes, toe socks, finger socks, beer mugs, coffee cups, and my gift…Ruby Red Slipper socks (yeah, I’m pretty sure there was a subliminal thought added to those socks that if I clicked my heels, I would come home to her in Oregon.  Which we did, eventually).

happy socks
Our fun, happy, sock Christmas gifts

I kept my Ruby Red Slipper socks. They became something that put a smile on my face when they were pulled out of my drawer. I had memories from these socks.

Ruby Red Slippers
Ruby Red Slippers with magical “Me Time” powers

But they’re just socks, right?

Apparently not, they have magical powers aside from keeping my feet warm. And highly encouraging me to move out of California.

And then this happens.

So I pull them out of my laundry basket today (yes, they are clean clothes, I just haven’t put them away yet. No judging!), and I see a hole in the bottom of one of the socks. 🙁

The holey offender

All these thoughts go tumbling through my head about when I got them, how much I have loved them, oh I can fix that hole, right? …

And then the thought of, “Come on, it’s just socks!” – which I very quickly dismissed.

It made me realize how Mom started something she didn’t even realize at the time.

She started a tiny bit of “Me Time”, a feeling that I get to experience every time I wear those socks.

  • First, I get to put on a piece of clothing I love.
  • Second, I think of the fun times we had at that Christmas.
  • And last but not least, I know I’m wearing a little bit of happy today, even if others don’t know (or even care) what my fun socks look like.

But I do. I get to smile at those thoughts, they are mine. And I treasure those thoughts and memories and appreciate the time I am able to take to bring them all back… even if it is only a few minutes.

So what happened to the holey socks?

(which to me were actually pretty holy, in and of themselves)?

Amazon came to the rescue. Now new ones are now in my cart waiting for me to hit the checkout button. And life can go on. I even included a link if you decide you need the Ruby Red Slipper socks too. 🙂

Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will result in a small commission for me. But because I truly love these Ruby Red Slipper socks, I want to share that love with you!

What are the little things for you that create bits of happiness in your day?

Leave a comment below so we can all share our bits of happiness, we’re here to help each other. Please keep it relevant and not spammy though.

Hope you make today amazing!

Big hugs & lots of love, Leslie

I love you!
Big hugs and lots of love, Leslie

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