leslie-wbHi, I’m Leslie Renée. Thanks for dropping by! I am the creator of Finally… Me Time and currently live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband. We have lived in multiple places in the US over the last few years (New Orleans, southwestern Idaho, Southern California) and finally settled in Oregon to be closer to our family.

I just wanted to give a quick background story about me and how I came to start learning about and eventually teaching about “Me Time”.

As a wife, mom, and full-time accountant, it seemed there was rarely time for me to take any time to care for myself. While life happened, I had a harder time keeping up, and constantly wondered what was wrong with me. My body felt out of sorts, I was too tired to get up and go to work, and I was struggling with my finances.

Searching for answers, I talked to doctors (and was told everything was fine, just lose 20 pounds (!)), searched religion (found it’s not for me), and started on my own spiritual journey that ended up with me learning about ME.

During this journey, I realized how important “Me Time” was, and that I didn’t actually know what I enjoyed doing. Everything was always about other people, not myself.

Once I realized that, I started learning how to change my mindset, and that involved taking time to read, meditate, walk in nature, eat better and continually find things I enjoy doing. As I felt better, I began encouraging others to take Me Time as well and found they had no clue what that meant. It was just some far, distant thing in the future – you know, when I retire, I’ll take some Me Time.

It became my mission to teach others. But first, I had to keep working on me. I realized I couldn’t give to others if I never took the time to recharge myself.

I’m still on my journey, and every once in a while life knocks me down for a little bit. But, as one of my favorite characters, Poppy, says, “I will GET BACK UP AGAIN.”

The purpose for me to create Finally… “Me Time” is to help others (especially YOU!)  to finally love yourself, and realize it is ok to recharge, find ways to relax, and finally do what you love.

I look forward to helping you on your journey and will cheer you on in whatever way I can.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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